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Secrets 14 (final)
2 days has passed, and i can't get the word that leon said.
'You're in the stage 2 of heart disease'
ugh i can't forget about what leon said about my heart disease . But...
no one will care if i die. Well...Leon might care but i'm not too special for leon.
And len...
I guess ...
he doesn't care i guess, i mean isn't he going out with neru? and they might dating right now somewhere.
I was taking a walk at the park but i'm not really planning to stay and sat on the bench, the beach is close here and i always go there whenever i feel lonely...
Ha? Me lonely? what am i thinking? i have my shadow and soul with me! why am i lonely?
this is so stupid i'm so lonely but i trying to feel that i'm not...
i look down on the ground then started to cry, i'm not worried , there's no many people here anyway.
while looking on the ground, i saw a foot who went near me. i wipe my eyes then look up
Guess who i saw?
I saw that JERK. (len)
"what are you doing
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Secrets 13
Suddenly my heart ache.
"Aw!" don't misunderstood, my heart is not aching because of len. i just remembered, 3 years ago , my heart disease has been temporarily gone. but i guess it's coming back again..
"F*ck my life" i cried. the reason why i don't want to get hurt by len again, is because i might have a short time.. that's why I'm enjoying everything without any worries.
That's Right...
Enjoy My life...
i went to school, people started to stare at me.
"Hey, isn't that the 1st cutest girl in campus? what's with her look today?" i hear whispers from the people.
i told you.
i have to enjoy everything, i don't need to act and dress cute for other's happiness, if i'm happy in this way, i'll do it.
I'm wearing my baggy uniform , thank God miku didn't serously threw it. and my hair is tied down in a pony tail, it's a messy one.
I saw len passing by... and you
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Secrets 12
I open the door from the outside of the classroom..
"eh?" My classmates are staring at me, what seems to be their problem?, i walk towards my chair, suddenly..
"AHHH!" i shouted, i tripped, what the heck? "WHO DARES-" i was about to continue the word that i will say. I look up and saw a bunch of girls. They look so pissed. BUT WHY DID THEY TRIPPED ME?
"Hey! whoever the person who tripped me, Apologize now!" i stood up,serously, i'm very mad right now.
"Well...well what do we have here?" my classmate, neru akita said, neru looks like a gangster or something, because they're 3 of them, and she's in the middle
"Are you the one who tripped me? apologize now!" i shouted to neru.
"why would i apologize to a slut like you? you're a joke!" Neru pour a juice on me, this girl! she's messing with a wrong girl!
"What the???" i hit the can of juice on the ground.
"What is you're problem? if you don't want to get hurt, get your ugly hag face in front of me!" i shouted, i'm actually pretty brave, and
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Secrets 11
UGH. MONDAY AGAIN. i look myself at the mirror.
me and len are hanging around this past 2 days... but still, i'm trying so hard not to fall in love, but this past 2 days, i think i'm starting to like him again. UGH! I HATE IT! RIN! don't fall to that baka! i hate every guy!
30 minutes later~
after getting ready for school, i heard someone knocking,
i stand at the front of the door and hoped that it's len- wait what am i thinking!!!??? did i got used that he always the first one knocking every morning? anyway, i have to avoid len, boys are bad for the health, they make me sick! and they just break girl's heart in the end.
i opened the door and saw leon, thank God. But how did he knew my house address?
"Hey Rinny~" Leon hand out a melon bread.
"Hey Leon, uh thanks, but how did you know my address?"
"I know where miku lives, and she told me that her house and yours are just close" replied leon.
suddenly... i saw len behind leon.
"Hey rin, here's a onigiri" len gives me a oni
:iconrockr0cks:rockr0cks 6 8
Secrets 10
-2 days later-
a lot of crazy things happened "ugh..what will happened to my life now?" i cover my face with a pillow "i don't want to go to school tomorrow,things becomes so quiet when miku left" i talked to my self while looking at the key chain that miku gave.
*knock* *knock*
"who's that?" i herd someone knocking outside the door
"coming!" i shouted.
i opened the door and i saw len standing in front of my door
"y..yes?" i feel awkward around him after the words he said last 2 days.
"rin! there is a interesting movie showing in the cinema, want to come with me?" len said with a smile in his face. he looks like he's trying hard to make me fall in love with me again.
"uh...well...s-sure, i have nothing to do in here anyway, and tomorrow is Monday again" i replied with a forced voice.
"let's go!" len grabbed my hand "why are you doing this?" i stare at len's eyes
"....i just realized are special to me..." len continue his words and flushed red in his face. the words that he s
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Secrets 9
"ugh...he dumped me yesterday and even ask me to be friends with me again? what a horrible day is he trying to make fun of me???" i was talking to myself while walking then suddenly i saw miku holding a paper in the envelope "miku~!" i run towards miku
"i've been looking for you!,where have you been?" i ask miku
"well...rin i have something to tell you.." miku look so down as she continue her words
"...i'm going to london next week" miku continue.
"what???? why?" i look at miku serously
"my parents send me this letter with a ticket...they want me to live with them in london" miku said sadly
"but! how about school?" i ask miku
"i will study in london...too" miku started to cry
"Miku i..i.." i hug miku while crying
"i'll miss you!!" i hug miku tightly while me and miku is crying
"i'll miss you too!" miku hug me back.
"don't worry you still have 1 week to go! *sniff*" i let go of miku then wipe my tears
"yeah 1 week more *sniff*" miku smile
"*sniff* how about len? should we *sniff* tell h
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Korui Akira ENTRY. by rockr0cks Korui Akira ENTRY. :iconrockr0cks:rockr0cks 1 8 Miku Hatsune by rockr0cks Miku Hatsune :iconrockr0cks:rockr0cks 2 2 Aya Mad Father by rockr0cks Aya Mad Father :iconrockr0cks:rockr0cks 0 0 Chuunibyou~ Rikka-chan by rockr0cks Chuunibyou~ Rikka-chan :iconrockr0cks:rockr0cks 0 0 Confession. by rockr0cks Confession. :iconrockr0cks:rockr0cks 0 0 The Early moon by rockr0cks The Early moon :iconrockr0cks:rockr0cks 0 0 The Midnight Moon by rockr0cks The Midnight Moon :iconrockr0cks:rockr0cks 0 0 Unlock The heart by rockr0cks Unlock The heart :iconrockr0cks:rockr0cks 1 3
Ib -Memory- Fanmade Lyrics
Ib "Memory" Lyrics.
as i sang along,
i don't know what for,
i don't remember the day we're together,
i open my eyes,
i saw nothing but dark,
do you remember the day we're together,
my red eyes are sparkling so bring and then i, hold your cold hand like an ice.
i, don't want to hurt you right now ,
please,memory comeback
as i sang along,
i don't know what for,
i don't remember the day we're together,
i open my eyes,
i saw nothing but dark,
do you remember the day we're together,
( 1:08-1:35 stop
1:36 begin.:> )
as i sang along,
the melody is long,
but i don't even care as long as i'm with you,
(1:48-2:32 stop) :)
:iconrockr0cks:rockr0cks 1 2
Miku Hatsune by rockr0cks Miku Hatsune :iconrockr0cks:rockr0cks 0 0
:iconblue-rplz: :iconblue-oplz: :iconblue-cplz: :iconblue-kplz:
:iconblue-rplz: :iconblue-oplz: :iconblue-cplz: :iconblue-kplz: :iconblue-splz:



Elsword Comic Aisha and Elsword 1 by Somdulcimer Elsword Comic Aisha and Elsword 1 :iconsomdulcimer:Somdulcimer 15 0 bad glasses_pg05 by Zatsune-sama bad glasses_pg05 :iconzatsune-sama:Zatsune-sama 57 70 anata wa ore no..?_pg09 by Zatsune-sama anata wa ore no..?_pg09 :iconzatsune-sama:Zatsune-sama 75 162
Questions from Rei & His admin (some are stolen from Mikuo =u="):
1. Who are you..? (And put down 5 general info about yourself.)
I am me
and me
//XDD lameeeee//
2. How did I meet you...?
I'm your sis....
3. Who do you see me as and why..?
My bro, because you are my bro
4. I am about to kill you...what did you do to anger me?
ehhh... I sold your boxers to your fangirls. For a pretty good price too XDD
5. What's your favorite activity?
play violin and piano
6. What's your favorite color?
7. What's your favorite food?
chocolate covered strawberries
8. Whats your most embarrassing moment?
ehhhh... I dunno
9. Who do you have a crush on? don't need to know = =
10. Why are you watching me?
cuz we're besties
Extra. Draw a picture of yourself and post it. ((Optional xD IDK pft-))
:iconxxrui-kagenexx:xxRui-Kagenexx 3 17
anata wa ore no..?_pg08 by Zatsune-sama anata wa ore no..?_pg08 :iconzatsune-sama:Zatsune-sama 72 107 ::_under_the_rain_:: by Zatsune-sama ::_under_the_rain_:: :iconzatsune-sama:Zatsune-sama 97 27
I wish I could message all my friends from the Philippines individually but unfortunately I can't so I'll post this instead. I don't really know where you guys live and if you were affected by the typhoon or not. But I really really hope you guys are all okay. Like seriously, seeing the disaster and everything makes my heart sink tremendously and I am near tears. Please, if you can read this I hope you and your relatives are well. I'm sorry that I can't do much to help but I try...
My prayers are for the Filipino people.
Hope dies last, no? I am seriously worried sick. Hope you guys are all okay and even if you can't read this or can't respond, know that I am here for you as much as I can.
Stay well, everyone.
:iconnarusilvermoon98:narusilvermoon98 1 11
anata wa ore no..?_pg05 by Zatsune-sama anata wa ore no..?_pg05 :iconzatsune-sama:Zatsune-sama 41 103 Marshall Lee: Bad Little Boy by TraumaticCandy Marshall Lee: Bad Little Boy :icontraumaticcandy:TraumaticCandy 738 67 Levi/Rivaille -Shingeki no Kyojin chat bot by Amena-chaan Levi/Rivaille -Shingeki no Kyojin chat bot :iconamena-chaan:Amena-chaan 5,613 4,343 anata wa ore no..?_pg01 by Zatsune-sama anata wa ore no..?_pg01 :iconzatsune-sama:Zatsune-sama 64 123 Love Progress_pg 15 by Zatsune-sama Love Progress_pg 15 :iconzatsune-sama:Zatsune-sama 77 69 Otome Guys Galore by Katkat-Tan Otome Guys Galore :iconkatkat-tan:Katkat-Tan 2,841 494 Uta Pri - Shou Natsuki by Xeno-Photography Uta Pri - Shou Natsuki :iconxeno-photography:Xeno-Photography 69 4 Uta Pri - Masato Sweater by Xeno-Photography Uta Pri - Masato Sweater :iconxeno-photography:Xeno-Photography 82 3 Ren: Careless Whisper : Uta Pri Cosplay by dat-baka Ren: Careless Whisper : Uta Pri Cosplay :icondat-baka:dat-baka 191 8




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